Food Brings Us Together

Thanks for joining me!

As you’ve found your way here, I hope you’ll stay and explore some of my favorite foods, places, and recipes.

I have a love for food that I want to share with you because I believe that most of our best moments usually involve some food or drink. I also believe that with the right mindset and guidance, anyone can create something beautiful and delicious. Cooking can be overwhelming and seem unnecessarily complicated, but I strive to bring fun to the kitchen. A lot of my recipes are very simple because honestly, simple is usually delicious.

I started my cooking journey at a fairly young age. My mom stayed at home with me as we were in a foreign country for my dad’s work and it would have been difficult for her to get a work visa. Because of this, the family cooking usually fell to her. I would help. I loved learning how to cook pasta and bake cookies. Pretty soon I started making my own recipes, and bless my parents for eating what I lovingly made them.

When we moved back to the States and I was in high school, my mom started working again, so I became responsible for dinner on the nights she was working. This time around, people actually wanted to eat my made up recipes. I would watch cooking shows all the time and was constantly thinking up new ways to combine interesting flavors. Even my mom would ask me for my recipes.

In college and law school I became the de facto dinner maker. Dinner nights around the living room coffee table were a weekly occurrence. Sunday nights were spent studying and baking chocolate chip cookies with friends. I was always happiest in the kitchen, feeding the ones that I loved.

When I met my now husband, he told me that he had gone to culinary school and worked in the food industry for close to a decade. As much as I loved that about him, it also intimidated me. Sure, I could impress people who either didn’t cook, or didn’t cook much with my food, but how was I supposed to cook for someone who really knew how to? Someone who had training on how to do all the complicated, fancy stuff. Looking back, that intimidation did nothing but bring us together. I found more and more things that I liked to cook because I constantly felt the need to make something different. And we had amazing date nights where we cooked together. Food definitely brought us together. I still love cooking for him. I also love that I can request a scratch made toasted coconut cake for my birthday and he’ll always deliver.

We all have those strong, emotional memories tied to food. A taste or smell can take us back to that instant in time where we experienced it first. I want to share that all with you.

People who love to eat are always the best people.  – Julia Child


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