About Me

Hello there! I’m Nicole, and this is my little niche of the vast internet blog world. I am an attorney by trade, but food and cooking have been passions of mine from a very young age. I always used to say that if I hadn’t gone to law school, I would have gone to culinary school.

As it turns out, I ended up married to a professional chef instead. He’s retired from the culinary world now, but he still provides constant support and motivation for me in my food adventures. He also provides awesome tech support! We have an amazing, energetic, independent little boy who keeps us on our toes at all times.

My inspiration for cooking comes from a variety of places. I spent a large part of my childhood in France and Italy, which definitely shows up in my recipes. Now, living in the suburbs of DC, I get to experience so much cultural and food diversity. I have loved exploring more Asian and Latin flavors. Any time I enjoy a great meal, I immediately attempt to make it my own.

My food is part comfort, part global, and always flavorful. Health is extremely important to me, and I always strive to cook food that is nourishing and satisfying. I take inspiration from what’s in season and my favorite dishes are always the most colorful ones. I also want to help make cooking less of a scary thing. Food does not have to be complicated or fancy to be delicious, and I think that anyone with the right mindset can create a tasty dish.

I hope that you find something here that you enjoy, want to eat, and want to share with others.

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