Cooking is about passion and flare. Welcome to my world.

I created this blog as a means of bringing my culinary knowledge to the average person. By average I'm referring to the cook in you who has a desire to learn but doesn’t know where to start, or has the guts to try new things but doesn’t know how. You know that person. You are that person. And I™m here to help.

I was classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School and worked as a professional chef for nearly 10 years. When I first started in the restaurant industry I was eager to learn and willing to work the long hours that go hand-in-hand with being a chef. As time went on, I moved up the ranks to a management position and my love of working in a restaurant began to fade. Those 90-hour weeks, including weekends and holidays, were no longer for me, so I decided to go back to school to study information technology. I continued to work in the restaurant business while I attended college. After all, while I grew tired of life in a restaurant, I never lost my passion to cook. Today, I work as an IT professional in Washington, D.C., and I™m writing this blog to satisfy the inner cook still beaming inside of me.

I noticed a few years ago that despite the dozens of cooking shows on television these days, not one actually teaches a person how to cook. That™s where Alla Cucina comes in. Instead of merely showing you how to put a recipe together, I™ll help you with the culinary basics knife skills, cooking methods, baking secrets, how to make mother sauces, and all the good stuff in between. This blog is a tool designed to teach people the basics because once you have those mastered, you really don™t need to follow exact recipes; all you need is creativity and feel (and the right ingredients).

–  Knife skills Gain the skills and confidence to cut anything you want by learning the proper way to hold a knife and initiate different cuts.

–  Cooking This section covers everything from different cooking methods to creating mother sauces.

–  Baking Learn different baking techniques that will impress your company and make you look like a pro.

–  Equipment We™ll go over different knives and their uses, baking equipment and anything else interesting I can come up with. Ideas welcome!

My goal here is to share my culinary knowledge with you to help you become a better cook. I plan on updating this website once a week so keep a look out for new information and fun facts.



Alla Cucina” – To the Kitchen