How To Make The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

If your perfect” hard boiled egg is made by dumping eggs into a pot or pan and boiling them until the water evaporates, then this post is for you!Most peopledon’tknow that there’sactually a proper way to cook a hard boiled egg, but there is and I’m going to teach youthe tricks of the trade.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1.) Gently place youreggs into the pot.You can cook as many or as few eggs as you need to. Just be sure to use a bigger or smaller pan or pot based on the number of eggs you’reboiling.

2.) Fill the pan with only enough cold water to completely cover the eggs (see the second picture below). You don’t want to fill the pan with too much water because it will cause the eggs to moveand potentially crack when boiling.

3.) Place the pot on the stove and turn the heat on high. Be sure not to walk away because you’llneed to be nearbyfor the next step.

4.) The instant the water comes to a full boil, shut the heat off. With the heat off, set a timer for 15 minutes and let the pot sit on the stove top.The picture below is what water looks like at a full boil.

5.) Once the 15 minutes is up, take the pan and place it in the sink (be sure to clean your sink before hand). Turn the cold water on and let it run into the pot. This will help to cool the eggs quickly so they are easier to handle (and it alsostops the cooking process).Be sure to onlyrun the water in the pot for a couple of minutes, otherwise you’ll cool the eggstoo much for the next step.

6.) Once the water is luke warm to the touch (usually a minute with the cold water running in the pan), shut the water off and drain itout of the pot. I find the easiest way to do thisis to place my hand into the pot and spread my fingers apart while tilting the pan forward.

7.) Once the water is drained, your eggs should still be warm to the touch. I find peeling the eggs while they are still warm makes themeasier to peel. Now remove the pan from the sink.

9.) Take one of the eggs out of the pot and tap it on the bottom to crack the bottom of the shell. One of my tricks for peeling eggs is to peel them under a steady stream of water. After you have cracked your egg turn the sink on just sothe faucet makes a small steady stream. You don’t want the water to be on full blastbecause you’llsoak yourself andmake it more difficultto see what you’redoing.When you peel the eggs under the stream of water, you’llfind that the shell separates from the egg easier.

11.) Voila!Now you haveperfectly cooked hard boiled eggs.

One of the easiest ways to check to see if you cooked an egg properlyis to cut it in half. When cookedperfectly,the yolk will have a nice deep yellow color and look a little moist in the center. If you see green in your yolk, you have over-cooked your eggs.So just follow the directions aboveto ensureyour perfectly cooked eggs. Works every time!

Alla Cucina


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